• ESE - 2016 Paper-1

    1.When a very small amount of higher conducting metal is added to a conductor, its conductivity will
    (a)increase (b)decrease (c)remain the same (d)increase or decrease depending on the impurity
    Ans: (b)
    2.An electrically balanced atom has 30 protons in its nucleus and 2 electrons in its outermost shell. The material made of such atom is
    (a)conductor (b)an insulator (c)a semiconductor (d)a superconductor
    Ans: (a)
    3.The temperature coefficient of resistance of a doped semiconductor is
    (a)always positive (b)always negative (c)zero (d)positive or negative depending upon the level of doping
    Ans: (d)
    4.In the slice processing of an integrated circuit
    (a)components are formed in the areas where silicon dioxide remains (b)components are formed in the areas where silicon dioxide has been removed (c)the diffusing elements diffuse through silicon dioxide (d)only on diffusion process is used
    Ans: (a)
    5.Permanent magnet loses the magnetic behaviour when heated because of
       1. atomic vibration
       2. dipole vibration
       3. realignment of dipoles
    Which of the above are correct?
    (a)1 and 2 only (b)1 and 3 only (c)1, 2 and 3 (d)2 and 3 only
    Ans: (c)
    6.The magnetic field required to reduce the residual magnetization to zero is called
    (a)retentivity (b)coercivity (c)hysteresis (d)saturation
    Ans: (b)
    7.A certain fluxmeter has the following specifications: Air gap flux density = 0.05 Wb/m2 Number of turns on moving coil = 40 Area of moving coil = 750 mm2 If the flux linking 10 turns of a search coil of 200 mm2 area connected to the flux meter is reversed in a uniform field of 0.5 Wb/m2 , then the deflection of the flux meter will be
    (a)87.4° (b)76.5° (c)65.6° (d)54.7°
    Ans: (b)
    8.Consider the following statements:
    1. Both ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials have domain structures; each domain has randomly oriented magnetic moments when no external field is applied.
    2. Both ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials make those domains that have favourable orientation to the applied field grow in size.
    3. The net magnetic moment in ferromagnetic material is higher than that in ferrimagnetic material.
    4. The net magnetic moment in ferrimagnetic material is higher than that in ferromagnetic material.
    Which of the above statements are correct?
    (a)1 and 4 only (b)1, 2 and 4 (c)2 and 4 only (d)1, 2 and 3 08.
    Ans: (b)
    9.The Hall voltage, VH, for a thin copper plate of 0.1 mm carrying a current of 100 A with the flux density in the z-direction, Bz = 1 Wb/m2 and the Hall coefficient, RH = 7.4 ´ 10-11 m3 /C, is
    (a) 148 mV (b) 111 mV (c) 74 mV (d) 37 mV 09.
    Ans: (c)
    10.A Zener regulator has an input voltage varying between 20 V and 30 V. The desired regulated voltage is 12 V, while the load varies between 140 W and 10 kW. The maximum resistance in series with the unregulated source and Zener diode would be
    (a) 3.3 W (b) 6.6 W (c) 36.6 W (d) 93.3 W
    Ans: (d)
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